On Sunday 28th January at 04:18 local time, Peet Botma crossed the finish line in English Harbour, Antigua after 45 days, 22 hours & 57 minutes.

Team: Freedom Rower

Rower: Peet Botma

Country: South Africa


Around 10 years ago, I heard about this crazy rowing race across the Atlantic ocean. At that time, I was in awe of the race and I could hardly believe that it was even possible. But, it sounded incredible and a small little seed was planted. I incredulously hoped and dreamed that I would one day be brave enough to go on the adventure. Over the following years I learned about the row through the few available books and documentaries and the dream to actually go do it just grew stronger and stronger, but it was still just a far off dream for someday.  I was eventually able to muster up the courage to make the extremely challenging decision to turn that dream for someday into entering the World’s Toughest Row, Atlantic 2023, as a solo rower. Why do I want to take on this extremely challenging adventure;

1. I feel that I still have a significant sporting achievement within me and was looking for something where I would truly be tested physically and mentally in an environment where you just do not have all the control.

2. The ocean humbles me, but also sets me free and I wanted to experience that in the ocean’s extreme’s.

3. I believe that God planted this seed in me for a reason and that this journey has a greater purpose. What exactly that is, I do not know yet, but I am on the journey and hoping to inspire other people to break free from whatever is holding them back, so that they can follow their dreams and also hoping to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children, through the love and protection of the ocean.


Looking forward to taking on this challenge, with a smile!

Freedom Rower

The ocean humbles me, but also sets me free and I wanted to experience that in the ocean’s extremes